Our call center was founded by three professionals with over 40 years of combined industry experience; with backgrounds covering all aspects of the industry from technology and sales, to customer service and training.

The result of our knowledge and experience is a campaign which is ran the way you would do it internally; if you had the time, resources, and expertise to run a call center.

B2B Marketing, Telemaketing, Appointment Setting Founder Tammy Camarena

Principal & Co-founder 

With over two decades operational, sales and management experience in the direct marketing field, Tammy Camarena has cultivated a sharp eye for developing successful programs. She has a proven track record of helping clients grow their customer base through appointment setting and pipeline development. As the Principal of West Coast Call Center Inc., Tammy has built not only a flourishing business, but also a dynamic and effectual team.

Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Business to Business Marketing

H.R. Admin & Sr. Sales Executive

Nicole has been a staple of the West Coast Call Center team from the beginning.  With a background in the technology industry, she has been instrumental in developing new markets. Nicole understands what it takes to create long term growth through direct prospecting campaigns for her clients. She is versatile and responsive in sales as well as in her additional role as our H.R. administrator. Nicole is critical in our team building effort, as she is responsible for recruiting and interfacing with new talent.

Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Business to Business Marketing

I.T. Manager & Co-founder 

Melissa has spent her career working in all aspects of the call center environment. As a co-founder she leveraged her technical savvy and comprehensive knowledge of the industry to develop the business architecture, software solutions and operational processes from the ground up. Melissa offers over 20 years' experience in the direct marketing industry and strives to continually improve workflow processes. Her goal is to eliminate ineffective time and automate repetitive tasks, so that campaigns operate at peak efficiency.  

Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Business to Business Marketing

Mary Ciotti

Quality Assurance Admin

Mary has 10 years' experience in the call center industry. Her extensive marketing expertise is used to evaluate the quality of appointments set at West Coast Call Center Inc. She follows a multi-step audio review processes to verify the call details and ensure each appointment meets our client's requirements. Mary is task oriented and shines as an administrative resource and customer service concierge.


Diane Rodriguez, Vanessa Garibay, & Amanda Herrera

Our trainers have over 26 years of combined experience in the call center industry. During that time they have marketed for all lines of insurance, financial benefits, payroll, and various other industries. Trainers for West Coast Call Center Inc. not only keep a pulse on the markets by continuing to work on client accounts, but through their efforts and expertise are credited with developing and supporting their teams of appointment setters.