It is upsetting when a company breaks the rules with impunity.

If you found us looking for West Coast Center, LLC which does business under Green World Pro / Green World Pro Energy (GWP), please take note that we are a different and unrelated company. For proof on this please see item one.

Obviously we've been made aware of this company's actions by frustrated recipients of their calls, but we do not now, nor have we ever worked for them. We understand the reasons why individuals have assumed we are involved; our company name is similar. However, it is quite upsetting to be wrongly associated with this behavior not to mention bearing the brunt of angry calls and threats. We know there must be many more frustrated victims out there. So we did some research about GWP and decided to provide it on our website. 

Here at West Coast Call Center, Inc. we know and observe the laws involving telephone solicitation. A clarification: we are a business to business marketing company and our calls are directed to individuals  at work in their professional capacity. Furthermore, we don't have a "robo dialing" /ADTS system. All of our calls are initiated by a live agent who is waiting on the line for a response. See item two to review the FTC regulations regarding these kinds of calls. 

If we are ever to take on a consumer calling campaign, we make sure to scrub our lists against the DNC database and remove cellular numbers. Of course we also provide accurate caller ID's that give a prospect the chance to let us know they wish to be removed from our calling lists. We also want to point out that as a company that operates legitimately, we have an openly displayed phone number and address to reach our offices. Item three links to the site we were able to associate with GWP. There is a form to be removed from their calling lists (why that might not work comes next) but the phone number listed doesn't function.

Searching on LinkedIn for the company, you can find two individuals whose titles contain "Outsourcing Director" for GWP. We have reached out to them both regarding this issue and so far, no responses. However, we did learn that their positions revolve around sourcing call centers to make these calls. Item four contains an article by one of these employees with instructions on how to become one of their call centers. After reading this information, it is clear that some call centers use the GWP' system and data, which means the DNC form might block your number from being used by those centers. Yet they also pay more per appointment generated by centers that provide their own calling system and lists. So it follows that they have many different call centers making these calls from their own lists of California homeowners. If your number is on one of those lists, its probably on them all (most list companies have the same data) and that is how you get 50 calls a week, and each center could have only called you once! Reading a post and the comments on one of the linked in pages (listed under item five) it is apparent that many centers operate outside of the U.S. and therefore have little incentive to observe appropriate laws.

Unethical business practices make for unsustainable companies. We care about our clients and employees, so our practices reflect that concern.

Class action lawsuit article involving Green World Pro and parent company.


FTC Regulations for Business to Business calling.


GWP Energy website with DNC form entry.


How GWP contracts and trains calls centers. (LinkedIn sign in may be required) 


Post of GWP's reimbursement to call centers. (LinkedIn sign in required)


Thank you for taking the time to become informed about our practices. We hope the information provided here is helpful. Let us know if you have anything to add.

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