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Our company ethos is about building relationships. Our business isn't a product that can be packaged and sold. What we do every day is strive to build our customers' brands. We develop long-term partnerships with our clients and become an extension of their marketing department through the development of prospects and the fostering of new sales. That's our perspective, but our clients are mostly concerned with what it means for them, so read below to see what they have to say.


Emergent Insurance Solutions



I feel compelled to reach out to you and the entire team at WCCC to say how pleased we are with the results received.


We get compliments at every appointment that you all set on how professional and engaging the staff is.

What a great impression that the prospects have about US!


Also, the quality of the appointments are very impressive.

I have over $500,000 of potential premium on my desk as a result of just the past 3 weeks.

The return on our investment is beyond fantastic!


Thanks again to the team for the professionalism,


Doug Phenix

The Hier Agency

I have known Tammy Camarena for over 10 years and have found her to be a great source of opening doors.  Tammy and her employees communicate well with me while marketing my prospects.  West Coast Call Center, Inc. is helping my agency grow to the next level.

Jerry Hier, Owner

Preston Insurance Agency


Getting in the door can be the most frustrating part of being an insurance agent. Whether it’s our more experienced producers or newer producers, West Coast Call Center has helped tremendously. Allowing us to focus on what we do best, which is providing a quality product. By setting quality appointments, they make it very easy for us to spend our time focused on selling. I highly recommend that agencies of any size give West Coast Call Center a shot!

Beau Carver

CUI Benefits

West Coast Call Center has become an important part of our growth model. Working with the team at WCCC has helped get our foot in the door of many prospects turned clients.

Jason Knight

Principal Benefits Consultant

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