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Email Marketing & Webleads 

The goal of our email gathering service is to obtain the email address and contact information of key decision makers over the phone as well as the crucial “opt-in” authorization (agreement to receive an email message) from your current or prospective clients or during appointment setting and telemarketing campaigns.  This service can be used on its own but the best results are seen when employed in conjunction with our appointment setting and email marketing campaigns. Utilizing the web lead function can harness your web presence to help in this area as well. 


Once an email is gathered, it can be used to distribute information about your product or service, send newsletters, articles of interest or event promotions.  See email campaign options below.

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Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Business to Business Marketing
Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Business to Business Marketing
Drip Email Campaign.​


Our integrated email drip system can trigger emails to contacts automatically based on predefined criteria such as the last call date, the result of the last call, renewal dates, appointment date or event date. Drip Campaigns can contain several rules for triggering these emails. 


With our email drip system once an email is opened, that prospect record is immediately routed to the top of the call list. The marketing coordinator is notified that an email was opened and they will have access to view exactly what information was sent. This ensures that our multi-channel marketing efforts pursue your potential prospects in a punctual and informed manner. 

Emails can be configured to route through your company email domain, or directly from the marketing coordinator's account. Using your own email server is helpful because it is less likely that the email you are sending will be considered junk mail by the receiving email system.  All emails will contain an unsubscribe link and are designed to avoid spam filtering by utilizing best practice techniques and text only messages. If an HTML message or image is desired, it is possible. However,  image hosting and the html design must be provided to us, as you most likely want it to be cohesive with your overall marketing materials.

Email Blast Campaign.​


When you have a large number of emails to send at one time,  the email blast campaign is your best solution.  Mass email campaigns are handled differently than a drip program as they are routed through a bulk mail server. Email blast campaigns can be a stand-alone product, but best results are achieved when integrated with a calling campaign. 


With an email blast, we have access to over 700 professionally designed templates that can be customized with your images and message.  Alternatively , you are more than welcome to submit your own custom html.  Our easy to read graphs provide you with real-time open rates, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and social shares. When used in conjunction with a calling campaign, opened emails are given priority routing. 


Web Leads.​


Incoming web leads give you the power to capture contact information instantaneously, directly from visitors to your website by using a simple form. As soon as a visitor submits the form, the contact information is automatically imported into your marketing database and flagged as a web lead, so it will  become a part of your telemarketing program; however, separate tracking and reporting can also be performed. Incoming web leads can also be used to capture leads sent by third party lead providers.  We provide the base code and posting URL for the form integration.

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