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Appointment setting and proper telemarketing techniques don't mean anything if you miss the appointment! Communication and coordination is key to any successful endeavour. We allow you direct access to your calling agents; we facilitate and encourage knowledge transfer.

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Result Notifications.​


Appointment notifications are emailed as soon as the appointment has went through a multi-point quality assurance process, including audio review. This notice contains appointment day and time, contact information, the caller's notes, and answers to the questions asked within your script. 


Informational updates are sent in the same manner and all communication is customizable. If you want to see more or less information, just let us know and we can work together to create the perfect system for your campaign.

Calendar Synchronization.​


More and more organizations are taking advantage of Google's robust calendaring, so we are happy to provide a seamless synchronization of our calendars and Google calendar. 


Our system will immediately populate new appointments to Google, and any changes you make in Google will update into our system.  Managing your appointment setting calendar has never been so easy!

Auto Export & Import.


We can import or update records directly to your Salesforce database upon call result. The outcomes that will generate a sync to Salesforce are configurable, as are the types of data to be transferred.

Auto Import is also available for applications that accept XML posts (i.e. hosted CRM) or into local systems or databases using a Web service.

On the other hand, You can also import files to be called simply by sending them via Email with your .csv file attached to it.

Note that after configuration, the emailed .csv must contain the same column/feild order each time. The subject and the body of your email will be ignored. A confirmation email message will be sent to the sender once the file has been imported into your calling campaign.

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